All Natural Omega 3 Dog Food Toppers and Flavor Enhancers

Now with added Flax seed oil and Chia seed oil

Five Delicious Dog Food Toppers Available in Two Sizes...

Flavored Sprays are premium grade, all natural, Omega 3 dog food toppers that will add 150 mg of Omega 3 to your dog's daily diet. They naturally enhance and improve the nutitional value, flavor and aroma of any dog food. Our holistic recipe containing Flax seed oil and Chia seed oil is available in five delicious dog food topper flavors that are sure to please your pup. Our all natural dog food toppers support healthy skin and coat with Omega 3 and vitamin E. Available in a 2 oz. and 8 oz. spray bottle providing you with precise control of the application of the dog food topper to the dog food. Only 13.3 calories per serving. Two servings of our dog food topper each day will provide your dog with 150 mg of Omega 3 essential fatty acids and 10 IU of vitamin E. Flavored Sprays are great for picky eaters! One 8 oz. bottle will last approximately 4 months. Flavored Sprays are safe for use on diabetic dog food. No cholesterol, no Trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, no protein, no sodium, no artificial colors or dyes, no artificial preservatives or thickeners added. Our holistic, Omega 3 vegan recipe is made with 100% pure, human grade, plant seed oils and natural flavorings! Great for dry skin problems or dog eczema. Flavored Sprays dog food dressings will not turn dry dog food mushy or soggy and refrigeration is not required. They are super easy and convenient to use, no mixing and no mess! We are confident that your dog will love it! Try our all natural dog food topper today!

* Flavored Sprays DO NOT contain any protein.*

Unlocking Secrets of a Dog Food Topper and Flavor Enhancer

Dog food toppers come in a variety of packages and forms that can be placed in two basic traditional categories. The traditional dog food topper categories are either water based liquids and sauces or those that are dry powders or mixes. For a more detailed look at dog food topper secrets click here >>> Read more

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Supports Healthy Skin and Coat with Omega 3 & 6

Flavored Spray dog food toppers offer more than just flavor and aroma enhancement. They provide the nutritional benefits of essential fatty acids that are healthy for your dog’s skin and coat. Each daily serving will provide 150 mg of ALA Omega 3. (Based on 10 sprays per day) 150 mg of ALA Omega 3 is a dosage level that will make a visible difference in the health of your dog’s skin and coat. Visible results appear in 10-12 weeks of daily use. A great source of Omega 3 for your dog!

Flavored Diabetic Dog Food Topper

Flavored Sprays do not contain protein and can be used to help your pup eat the special dog food prescribed for diabetic dogs. Please ask your vet to visit our site and make a recommendation prior to using our flavor enhancement Omega 3 sprays. More Info

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