Summary of Dog Food Toppers, Enhancers and Dressings

A Summary of the Dog FoodTopper, Enhancer and Dog Food Dressing Category


There are basically two traditional categories of dog food toppers and enhancers which are:

1. Water based liquid formulas
2. Dry additive packages

The water based formulas are just that, the main ingredient in these products is water.
Examples of water based dog food enhancers are as follows: IAMS Saucy, Vita Gravy and Petchup

Examples of the dry additive enhancers are as follows:
Whole Life’s Devour Brand (dry powder), HALO’s Dinner Party (dry powder), Real Food Toppers, (dry), Dynovite (dry)

Wet dog food enhancers come in various forms and flavors and almost all of them contain one main ingredient and that main ingredient is WATER...the exception to this would be the dry type or non-water based dog food enhancers.

Fact: There are a limited number of dog food enhancers available to shoppers.
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Fact: Most if not all of the dog food enhancers on the market have been formulated in a lab by a food chemist.

There are two main types of dog food enhancers:

#1. Wet Type Dog Food Enhancers (water based)

Wet type dog food enhancers use water as a primary carrier fluid. You will find water listed as the main ingredient in these liquid or semi liquid formulas. All of the ingredients or additives listed on the label are blended together in water; these ingredients are defined as water soluble additives. This type of dog food enhancer is essentially built out of additives blended with water. These additives or ingredients come in the form of processed powders, granules or flakes which are then batch processed in a mixing kettle. These mixtures are also formulated with a variety of thickeners and colorants so that they perform like and appear as a real gravy or sauce to the buyer. If you evaporated off all of the water in this type of dog food topping you would be left with a dry powder or residue. This residue represents the actual "actives" (non-water ingredients) or "solids" that you are buying and feeding to your pet.

#2. Dry Type Dog Food Enhancers

Other dog food enhancers simply provide you with their chemical additive formula or additive package in its "dry state", this way they don't need to ship water in a bottle and it saves on the freight costs while adding shelf life to the product. When using this type of dry dog food enhancer you either need to add water to it before application or you deposit the dry formulated additive directly onto the dog food with a scoop or spoon. Some of these products use freeze dried and processed animal and plant parts.

We are happy to present you with a third type of dog food enhancer...

#3. NEW Type of Dog Food Enhancer (food oil based)

Introducing Flavored Sprays for dry dog food!

Flavored Sprays are all natural dog food enhancers. This dog food enhancer is made with 100% naturally derived, human grade, plant seed oils. These are the very same food oils that you put on your salad and are found in your kitchen! We use human grade Soybean oil, Canola oil and Olive oil in our products along with a human grade flavoring that is manufactured right here in the USA. Our flavoring is natural and not synthetic.  As a result, you are getting an all natural dog food topping consisting of 100% active ingredients or 100% solids. Because we don't use water to dilute our product or mix additives, thickeners, preservatives or colorants into our product, you are getting the most natural liquid dog food enhancer available. Our dog food enhancers do not require thickeners or preservatives to be added in order to boost their viscosity and prevent oxidative rancidity. Our products are naturally preserved by the naturally occurring Vitamin E present in the natural oils we use. Vitamin E is an anti-oxidant. The natural level of Vitamin E in the oils we use acts as natural preservative and imparts a 1 year shelf life to our product. Flavored Sprays do not need to be refrigerated as a result of the natural amount of Vitamin E present in these food grade oils. Our customers are not paying for water, thickeners, preservatives or colorants when they buy a bottle of our All Natural Flavored Spray for dry dog food.

Perspectives on Water Based Formulas

There are a number of limitations to the water based dog food enhancers that one should consider. One of the main considerations is that of oxidative rancidity or spoilage. Water based formulas have a natural propensity to act as breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. This is why the latest label copy on the IAMS Saucy product states that this product should be consumed in less than 30 days (without refrigeration). If you want it to last longer than 30 days they recommend that refrigeration should be used. As you know, refrigeration slows the progress of bacterial growth and oxidative rancidity. If a product is not refrigerated then it must contain a preservative. The preservative is added to retard the growth of bacteria in the solution. Preservatives are used to extend the shelf life of consumable products once the product seal has been broken. Another common additive that you will find in these water based dog food enhancers is a thickening agent. A thickening agent is added in order to give some "body" to the water based formula so as to make it appear thick and rich. These products would not appear to be thick and rich on their own unless the food chemist added a thickener of some type to the formula. And finally, a colorant is usually added to make the finished formula appear brown like gravy or sauce. At the end of the day you are buying a highly engineered chemical formulation and paying good money for a product that consist primarily of water. This does not sound very "natural" to me...

Perspectives on Dry Formulas

Dry dog food enhancers primarily consist of dried and processed food ingredients. They are formulated to be pleasing to the pallet and to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the animal through the addition of vitamins and minerals. Unlike their counterparts in the wet category these formulations are not subject to oxidative rancidity or spoilage and they do not need to be refrigerated after opening. Their make-up suggests that they are essentially “concentrates” of the solids that one would find dissolved in a water based formula. Dry ingredients can be sprinkled, shaken out of a canister or applied to the dog food with a spoon or scoop. This type of dog food topping is usually a combination of ingredients that have been processed into a powder. The powdered additives act like salt and pepper when they are applied to food. The added flavor acts as an enticement for the dog to consume their regular meal. The only drawback is that you are not able to get uniform coverage of the dog food kibble with a powder and the cost per serving is relatively high because you are applying a highly concentrated form of processed additives.

It’s not natural enough!

With respect to Flavor Sprays for dry dog food I have had someone comment "it's not natural enough"...really? I must ask how much more natural can you get when it comes to dog food enhancers? Would it be more natural to add real Bacon drippings to the dry dog food? This is not really natural or even healthy for your dog. Would shredding some cheese and putting that on top of the dog food fit the definition of natural? Cheese may be natural and some dog owners probably add some real cheese to their dogs' bowl from time to time but it does not encourage the dog to actually eat the dry dog food...Can adding raw peanut butter to dry dog food as an enhancer be defined as natural let alone practical? Peanut butter may be natural in that it is derived from a natural source but it is not really a practical dog food enhancer!
Well, someone might say that it is not natural enough because it is made with processed oils and not from oil that was cold pressed by our little company directly. We do not cold press the actual soybeans, olives and or canola seeds, we buy these oils from major producers who process millions of pounds of olives, soybeans and canola seeds and who have very high quality control steps in place to assure product uniformity and safety. If the same reasoning were applied to Peanut butter it would not be considered "natural” because it has been processed from peanuts! Someone might say that this dog food enhancer is "not natural enough" because we don't raise, harvest and extract the oil from plants, flowers and trees that we personally own and harvest. They would be right! We do not harvest the plant seeds and flower seeds. At the end of the day I would say that if this same rule were to be applied to the food items in the kitchen that half of them would be disqualified as fitting the description as being “natural” and all current “natural” dog food enhancers would also be disqualified as being "natural" on their face since they all use processed ingredients or preservatives of some kind! Even the addition of “mixed tocopherols” which are considered “natural preservatives” would be a disqualifier since these do not occur by themselves in nature but must be extracted from various vegetable sources.
Flavored Sprays are made with high quality, naturally derived, human grade food oils and a naturally derived (not synthetic) flavoring. You can be confident that your pet is getting a dog food topping where the main ingredient is NOT water and one where he or she will realize all the natural benefits associated with what nature has to offer in the form of these oils.
Flavored Sprays are the Natural companion to dry dog food...


In conclusion then, the only thing that is highly engineered with respect to our product is the state of the art delivery system. The sprayable delivery system for our dog food topping is the product of many years of American innovation, American ingenuity, American engineering and American manufacturing expertise. The bottle and the sprayer along with the label and the finished product itself are all American made! 

When it comes to dog food toppers, dog food enhancers, dog food dressings, dog food toppings Caveat emptor!

This concludes our summary of the traditional categories of dog food toppers, enhancers and dog food dressings.