About Flavored Sprays Dog Food Toppers


First of all we would like to thank you for visiting our web site and we hope that you find our site easy to use and informative! We started this little company several years ago and it has been growing incrementally year after year ever since. Some day we hope that you will be able to find our products on the store shelf at your local pet store and we are working towards that goal. Until that time you will find our products carried by these fine companies: Jefferspet.com and on eBay

We Are A Family Owned & Operated Small Business

We are a family owned and operated business in Marietta, GA. We take personal pride in your satisfaction with our products and we would love to hear back from you about your experience using our Flavored Sprays with your pet.

History of Flavored Sprays

Our Beagle (JayJay) began to demonstrate a reluctance to eat, she essentially started turning her nose up to her daily meals. As a result we began switching from one brand of dog food to another to solve this problem but it was only a temporary fix. She would eventually get bored with the new brand of dry dog food and we found ourselves back at square one all over again. It was so frustrating to see her just sitting there looking at her food but not eating it. It was really upsetting for us to see her demonstrate a kind of malaise and lack of interest in eating and we just knew that there had to be something more we could do. We tried some of the different dog food dressings available on the market but none of them really seemed to work very well. At this point we decided to try putting some bacon drippings on her food and sure enough she ate it right up! This is when we thought up the idea for Bacon Spray. We wanted to put together a product that would be healthy and nutritious and one that contained a natural Bacon flavoring. We searched and searched and eventually found the right type of Bacon flavoring and our Beagle has been easy to please ever since. Our final formula is made with all natural, human grade plant seed oils that are healthy and delicious. They smell great, taste just like bacon and provide essential fatty acids that help give your dog a shiny coat of hair in addition to a boost of Vitamin E which helps maintain healthy skin.

Dog Food Dressing Product Comparison

We have prepared a side by side product comparison chart that you can use as a reference: Dog food Dressing Comparison Chart.
All the ingredients in our dog food dressings are human grade. You may want to try them yourself to see how they taste. You can apply them to anything you would like to add flavor to and do a taste test for yourself...